Welcome to our Catholic Family.  St. Ignatius of Antioch was established in 1888 as one of the first missions in the West Coast of Florida. For 40 years the people depended on a visiting priest for Mass; but they were determined to create Church.  We still are. 

Faith Formation 2021-2022

Registration forms and Schedules for 2021-2022 are complete and can be found above on the top menu under Faith Formation

Diocesan Accountability Site

The Diocese of St. Petersburg has launched an Accountability Site detailing how sexual abuse claims are handled and noting what has taken place in the past. Find this site here

Remember St. Ignatius in your will

Many of the improvements in our parish have been made possible through the generosity of parishioners who remembered our parish in their will.  Please consider joining them.  

All testamentary gifts should be noted as follows:

"Gregory L. Parkes, as Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, a Corporate Sole, for the benefit of St. Ignatius of Antioch Parish"

2021-2022 Directory of Ministries Booklet

Check out our 2021-2022 Directory of Ministries Book




Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Masses: 4:00 pm & 6:30 pm
Sunday: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:30 am, 6:00 pm (Life Teen)

Daily Masses Mon-Fri 7:00 am & 9:00 am
Saturday: 9:00 am

Confessions: Saturday 3:00-3:45 and after the 6::30 Mass (returned to Church Reconciliation Rooms)

Live Stream

Mask Policy

In an effort to protect our children as well as all our parishioners, a facial mask must be worn by all who are unvaccinated while in any building on the church property.  All parishioners are welcome to continue wearing masks if they so wish.  Parishioners should also maintain safe distancing between households.

Who Is Dispensed from the Obligation to Attend Sunday Mass?

The general obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (including the Vigil Mass 
at 4:00 pm or later on the previous day) is to be reinstated in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, effective
Saturday, May 22, 2021.
Considering the necessity of being physically present with our brothers and sisters at Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation for the Eucharist, Bishop Gregory Parkes asks Catholics to make a sincere judgment about whether or not these circumstances apply. If there is doubt or confusion, consult your parish pastor for clarity. While the general dispensation is removed, there are specific instances where the dispensation will continue. One does not have an obligation to attend Mass on Sunday in the following circumstances:
1. You are ill, or your health condition would be significantly compromised if you were to contract an 
infectious illness (i.e., you have underlying conditions or are in a high-risk category). Please use the dispensation 
and do not attend Mass.
2. You exhibit flu-like symptoms. Please use the dispensation and do not attend Mass.
3. You have good reason to think you might be asymptomatic of a contagious illness (e.g., you were in recent contact with someone who tested positive for a contagious illness such as COVID or influenza). Please use the dispensation and do not attend Mass.
4. You care for the sick, homebound, or infirmed.
5. You are pregnant.
6. Those 65 years of age or older (per the CDC's recommendation of high-risk individuals).
7. You cannot attend Mass through no fault of your own (e.g., no Mass is offered, you are infirmed, or, while wanting to go, you are prevented for some reason you cannot control (e.g., your ride did not show up, the church was at capacity).
8. If you have significant and reasonable fear or anxiety of becoming ill by being at Mass.

These categories will be reviewed in due course and revised as needed. Those who do not attend Mass must still observe the Lord’s Day and are encouraged to spend time in prayer on Sunday, meditating on the Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection; an excellent way to do this is through participating in a broadcast/live stream of the Sunday Mass.


Pope Francis has declared Dec 8, 2020 to Dec 8, 2021 the Year of St. Joseph.  

He recently released an Apostolic Letter on St. Joseph "Patris-Cordo-With a Father's Heart".

You can find the Apostolic Letter here. 

The Diocesan website also has additional information here


FORMED!! Updated

185 Programs, 79 movies, 23 children programs, 83 Documentaries, 102 audiobooks and 58-ebooks, all are given to you as a gift from the Brothers in Christ and the parish.  If you bought these they would all cost over $18,000.  They are all yours for free for attending our parish.  You can watch them online, on your tablet or smart phones, or on your TV with the apple or roku aps.  Click here to go to the formed site to register.  Click register on the lower right of that page, put that you are part of an organization,  and put in our parish access code: 68Z88Q.  The email you give them will get you onto the formed site using whatever device you wish.